Find Your Joy

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I have been recently looking for new hobbies and things to build up my life. I have been looking for things that I feel will be uplifting and mind clearing. I want a hobby that will give me the opportunity to clear my find and help find the true me.

I have been trying out several individual activities: yoga, fishing, gardening, sewing, crafting,  bicycling, hiking, cooking, painting, and horseback riding. All of these had some great qualities, but some I was just simply not good at.

Painting was a terrible idea. I was horrible, it actually gave me more of a headache than clearing my mind. Sewing basically in the same boat. I was so bad. I couldn’t sew anything straight or even measure out the fabric correctly.

I found that I am not a creative person. I am not good at taking abstract ideas and putting them together so I realized I was best at the physical activities.

I found that my new hobby was definitely horseback riding. It was the most clarifying activity. Just me and a horse going where ever I wanted to go. My favorite time to ride was just before sunset. It really gave me the peace that I needed to be able to let go of the day to day things that were holding me back.

I really suggest finding yourself! Find whatever it is that gives you  peace and clarity in your life and pursue it. You will not be disappointed.

Reducing the Stress

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There are so many stressors in our every day lives. From big stressors to little stressors it does not matter. Stress is stress and it wears us down in many different ways. Stress can cause anything from lack of sleep, deteriorating physical and emotional health, and strains on relationships or work. In my opinion, stress is the number one thing most people struggle with in their lives. Everyone deals with their stress in their own way. Some people workout, eat, work harder, break down, or even take it out on the people they are closest with.

In my life I believe in removing as much stress as possible. From the now infamous song from Frozen “Let it Go”. For all the little things I like to just roll with the punches and not worry to much about it. However, recently I have found when it comes to moving an entire household I am not able to roll with the punches as well as I usually am.

It was after two weeks with little sleep and a few small sicknesses that I realized I had let stress come in and take over my life. I had broken my cardinal rule and now I was in need of some major help. It was at this point that I decided to enlist the help of a moving company. With some quick and easy research I found a moving company that would come in, pack the rest of the house, and deliver for the most reasonable price! I did not even have to wait forever for them to fit in my appointment.

As soon as I finished scheduling the movers I could feel a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. I was soon back to my regular routines and had a great peace of mind with life again. I look back now and laugh a little at how easy it was for me to fall to the strong grip of stress.

Remember, breathe, release, and love life!

Fixing the Pain

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So in my latest cross fit endeavor I ended up straining something in my back. I couldn’t quit figure out exactly what I did. At first it was just a dull aching pain and I thought that I was just sore from starting my new exercise routine, so I decided to keep working through it. I did this for about a week until the pain got almost unbearable. It went from a dull aching pain to a very strong sharp shooting pain. This was when I realized I had probably done something very wrong.

I decided to look for help. After talking to several people I found that I seriously needed to visit a Chiropractor. With referrals from several people and some internet searching I found Manley Chiropractic in Arlington, TX. They did a superior job. I quickly and easily made an appointment and had almost instant relief. It only took a couple visits before the pain had completely gone away, but I was hooked. I loved the way I felt after my adjustments and therapy. It was kind of addicting for me haha.

However, by turning to Chiropractic care I was able to keep my latest resolution and not turn to numbing drugs that would only mask symptoms. I really am taking this resolution seriously and hope to make a complete life style change. I am not one for dieting or quick fixes. I think the problem will always return.

Stay tuned for more adventures, mishaps, and drama!

A Late Resolution

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I have decided that it is time to get healthy. I don’t want to just get healthy I want to figure out the best way to do so. I am not just talking about losing weight or building muscle I mean healthy in every aspect of life. From diet to exercise to health care to spiritual. There are so many different factors to look at when someone says they want to get healthy.

My first stop is to look at what I am eating. In no way am I going to kid myself and say that I will be perfect in this endeavor but I will definitely do my best. I would like to start by cutting out most processed food and pre-made foods. I know that by putting my own ingredients together I can ensure what exactly is going into what I am eating.

Secondly, I am going to look into alternative medicines. By no means will I swear off all medicine or doctors but I want to look more into small preventative methods. I am going to start by looking into essential oils, Young Living Essential Oils to be exact. I have used the starter kit and have found that there are definitely some every day medicines I can replace with the oils and know that I am not putting as many chemicals in my body.

I am also going to try out the latest crossfit fad. I don’t think I will be one of the die hard cross fitters but I like the idea of changing up a workout routine.

Hopefully I won’t bore you too much with my simple things in life.